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Meet Liberty Louise (Libby)

LibbyWhen most people go to a doctor’s office, they’ll be greeted by a friendly face, but when you come to AlignOK Chiropractic Wellness, that friendly face also happens to be furry. As the practice’s particularly joyful greeter, Libby loves our patients, particularly the little ones! This lovely lady is an Aussiedoodle (Mom is a Poodle, and Dad is an Australian Shepherd).

Get to Know Miss Libby

Dr. Brotherton first met Liberty Louise when she came to the practice to pay a visit. He had thought about getting a dog but was unsure. One day, the woman he got her from said, “Why don’t you just take her for the weekend?” So, Dr. Brotherton drove two hours to pick her up. “The lady met me on the end of a dirt road, handed me a bag of food with a couple of toys and a leash with a dog attached,” said Dr. Brotherton. The day was July 1, 2022.

Because of Dr. Brotherton’s love of travel, he didn’t plan on keeping the dog. Her sweet disposition won him over, though, and he decided, on the 4th of July, to keep her. Very appropriately, he named her Liberty (Libby for short).

Quite the Gregarious Girl

Friendly and outgoing, Libby loves playing with her canine companions at doggy daycare once a week. But most of the time, our sweet girl can be found in the office, greeting patients as they enter the door. She also enjoys lying underneath the adjusting table while patients are here. While Libby loves her furry friends, she also adores kids and is delighted to see our littlest patients!

Fun facts about Libby: she’s a leaner and leans on everything, and she hops like a bunny! Going on car rides and enjoying runs to the store with Dr. Brotherton are other highlights of her week. “Anywhere we can take her, we’ll take her,” he said.

Meet Libby Today

While Libby loves all of our patients, she has a special affinity for those bearing tasty doggie treats, something to consider before your next visit! She can’t wait to meet you soon!


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