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Pressure Wave Treatment in South OKC

Dr. Kyle smiling at patientAt AlignOK Chiropractic Wellness, one of our goals is to introduce patients to different therapies that can truly help them heal and feel better. We’re proud to announce the addition of our new shockwave device known as the Pressure Wave, which provides focused and targeted soundwave therapy for patients dealing with a variety of conditions.

How It Works

Therapy with the Pressure Wave works by generating focused shock waves directly into the affected area. These waves are designed to stimulate and promote healing from within, often leading to less pain and a quicker recovery.

Many of our patients have had success in using the therapy for conditions including plantar fasciitis, back pain, disc problems and other chronic joint pain. Though care for each patient will be different, people love how quick, easy and pain free a Pressure Wave visit is—which usually takes just a few minutes.

Learn More Today

Interested in learning more about treatment with advanced shockwave technology? Contact our practice today to get started. We look forward to helping you on your journey to health!


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